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Jambo, Marhaba, Hola, Namaste, Shalom...

My name was still remains (2008) Samir Khamis Amour Khamis Al-Busaidy, but this time it has changed! Samir. Khamis. Al-Busaidy. (still a long name huh??), many call me Sammy, my nick name on line is Kulmansam.

I come from a little Island called Unguja in the Zanzibar archipelago found on the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. The local name of my Island is Unguja.

I am currently residing in the USA, TX and was married on December 1999 to a loving TX woman (Deanna) she's a gem. As of December 2009 Adam Samir Al-Busaidy became the first addition to our family. Most wonderful baby any one could ask for.

In these pages you can find things that might be rather interesting including pages on Learning Kiswahili (common language spoken on the of East coast of Africa), African Hair Styles and even one on African Recipes. 

If some words on the links do not make sense then go to the Learn Kiswahili page and have fun. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Take a tour and come back later, tell me what you think. I would appreciate any suggestions to make these pages better.

If you feel like writing me a line, my email is webmaster@kulmansam.com

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KulManSam's In Africa, a taste of Africa, rich with content mainly foods and language from East Africa, Zanzibar Islands. Including African Recipes straight from Zanzibar Islands. Zanzibar style Biriani/biriyani, Mchuzi = Curry/Gravy, Zanzibar Chapatti similar to Indian Paratha, Zanzibar Bokoboko same as Middle Eastern Harees, Zanzibar maandazi very similar to New Orleans Binge's, Spiced African tea from Zanzibar with cardamon, milk and more. Then you can also learn Swahili or learn Kiswahili the language predominantly spoken in East African coastal area (Swahili = coastal in Arabic). Learn how to say hello in Swahili