Jambo = Hello!

JAMBO = Hello and welcome to Africa. I have met many people with limited geographical knowledge of the world. So, first of all lets get one thing clear,  Africa is not a country, neither is it  a small continent. Africa is a continent and has numerous countries in it. The continent is so diverse in cultures, traditions and languages. There are numerous languages spoken in African continent and many fold the number of countries is number of cultures. Almost every country has at least 3 or 4 languages minimum that are spoken there. Tanzania alone has more than 18 languages, some say there as much as 116 combinations of languages and dialects spoken in Tanzania alone!!. 

In this set of pages you can have a look of a few things that are directly or indirectly from Africa. Click on the links located on the left of the screen.

You will have first hand course in learning Ki Swahili for tourist's.

Last but not the least you will see hair styles that are meant for African hair and some of recipes and delicacies from my home town.

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KulManSam's In Africa, a taste of Africa, rich with content mainly foods and language from East Africa, Zanzibar Islands. Including African Recipes straight from Zanzibar Islands. Zanzibar style Biriani/biriyani, Mchuzi = Curry/Gravy, Zanzibar Chapatti similar to Indian Paratha, Zanzibar Bokoboko same as Middle Eastern Harees, Zanzibar maandazi very similar to New Orleans Binge's, Spiced African tea from Zanzibar with cardamon, milk and more. Then you can also learn Swahili or learn Kiswahili the language predominantly spoken in East African coastal area (Swahili = coastal in Arabic). Learn how to say hello in Swahili